Claro was originated from an innovation initiative between two divisions of Tessenderlo Group: PBLeiner and Tessenderlo Innovation Center. In 2018, the two divisions joined forces to develop advanced gelatin-based materials that facilitate tissue engineering activities carried out by medical and pharmaceutical research institutes. PBLeiner’s expertise in gelatins ignited the breakthrough in materials for bioprinting application: a gelatin with outstanding printability.

Claro was incubated at the Tessenderlo Innovation Center supported by a cross-functional team of scientists, with a background in organic chemistry, biochemistry, bio-engineering and chemical engineering, with 30+ years of activity in pharma (developing and producing active pharmaceutical ingredients) and fine chemicals (flagrances). Our research innovations count on upscaling expertise, readily available pilot plant of 8100 m² (one of the largest in Belgium) and a dedicated electro-mechanical team that can design and build customized installations.

The Claro team is agile and fast evolving in response to the need for new solutions fostering the disruption of emerging technologies in regenerative medicine.  Claro uses material science to create new and functional gelatins that empower the research flow.
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